Current Veteran Students

At CWRU we certify on a “term by term” basis, meaning that we rely on you to communicate with us directly prior to each term. Look for reminder emails/deadlines in your CWRU email account each term.

Once you complete your survey, we will work in conjunction with Student Financial Services and University Financial Aid counselors to ensure that all net tuition and fee figures are calculated and appropriately applied to your student account. This process occurs immediately after the Drop/Add deadline each term.

To initiate anticipated stipends and/or reimbursements, your School Certifying Officials will submit your enrolled credit hours only in advance of the Drop/Add deadline.

Additional Information

To be certified for benefits, veterans must be officially registered for classes. Veterans must notify the University Veterans Certifying Official immediately when changing hours, grade options, withdrawing from a class, or withdrawing from the University. It is important to note the following:

  • The VA will not pay for repetition of courses previously taken for credit, unless repetition of that particular course is required for continuation in the approved program. However, the VA will pay for repetition of a course required for graduation if the course was failed or if a minimum acceptable grade was not achieved.
  • Students enrolled in intensive semester programs should be aware that benefits are paid based on actual dates of enrollment—not on the amount of tuition charged.
  • The law requires that the VA must collect all benefits paid to a beneficiary for a course from which the beneficiary withdraws (this means from the start of the term, not merely from the date the course was dropped) unless there are mitigating circumstances. Other actions that may result in overpayment include receiving a grade which does not count toward graduation requirements and failure to have an incomplete grade changed to a grade which counts towards graduation. The VA will vigorously pursue repayment of these overpayments.
  • For more information regarding your benefits, please visit the VA websites U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and or call 1.888.442.4551.