Faculty - Advising Holds

For detailed instructions on how to release an advising hold, review Releasing an Advising Hold.  Just a reminder that Minor Advisors and Designated Advisors do not have the ability to release holds in SIS.

No. One hold is in place for both summer and fall and releasing that hold allows the student to register for both terms. Students select the term for which they are registering once they login to the system.

Advisors may request that holds be restored by sending a message to reghelp@case.edu. If possible, the request should contain the student's name and student ID.

Yes. Twice a year, there is a batch process that runs prior to registration that automatically places advising holds on students eligible to register for the upcoming term(s).

No, there is only one advising hold per student regardless of the number of majors, degrees or careers the student may have.

Administrative personnel can request access to the Departmental Admin Center by submitting the SIS Security Request Form.