Students - Advising Holds

An advising hold is placed on your record twice a year and will need to be removed by your advisor before you can register.

Your advising hold can be released by your advisor through SIS.

If your advisor is not available to meet with you during the advising period, you should contact your department (see the General Bulletin for departmental contacts). If you are still unable to reach anyone to have your advising hold released, you may contact the Office of Undergraduate Studies or the School of Graduate Studies.

You are expected to consult with each advisor for each major, but you can have your advising hold released by either advisor if you are a double major or dual degree student.

If you are enrolled as a student in the following careers, here is a list of contacts to assist you with this issue:






Office of Undergraduate Studies


Graduate Studies

Office of Graduate Studies


Management (grad/prof)

Office of Weatherhead School of Management Registrar

WSOM Contact Form


Nursing (grad/prof)

Nursing School Registrar


The University Registrar's Office cannot release advising holds.