Department Administrators - Schedule of Classes

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Schedule of Classes Print Schedule View Download  
The Schedule Print Flag View Download  
Add a Class to that Wasn't Offered in the Last Like Term View Download Watch
Add Another Class to a Course that's Already Scheduled View Download  
Remove a Class Section View Download  
Remove a Course Completely View Download  
Add a Special Topic View Download  
Change Class Meeting Days and Times View Download  
Change Classroom View Download  
Change or Add Instructor View Download  
Indicate a Final Exam for a Class Section View Download  
Create an Exam Outside of a Class's Regular Meeting Pattern View Download  
Require Students Get Instructor/Department Permission to Enroll View Download  
Change Enrollment Capacity View Download  
Create a Note to Attach to a Class   Download  
Cancel a Class After it has been Published   Download  
Label Study Abroad Classes   Download  
Combine Sections of Cross-Listed Classes   Download  
Schedule Class with Multiple Components   Download  
Schedule Auto Enroll Class   Download  
The Finished Product   Download