Waiving Optional Fees - Student Medical Plan

Begin by logging into the SIS at case.edu/sis with your CWRU Network ID and password.

  1. Click the Finances tile on the Student Home, then the Waive Optional Fees tile.

    Alternatively, from the NavBar, select Navigator > Finances > Waive Optional Fees.

  2. The Waive Optional Fees page appears for the term. Read the information on the page and click More Information link to review the Student Medical Plan website prior to starting the waiver process.

    Note: Waiving the fee will also waive the student medical plan. The default Status for the plan will be Enrolled. Financial Aid can be used to cover some optional fees. Any other optional fees eligible for the waiver process will also display on this page. Click the Please visit this page in order to grant permission to authorize Financial Aid to be used to cover optional fees if applicable.

  3. To waive the Student Medical Plan, click the Waive button.

  4. The Waive Student Medical Plan questionnaire displays. Answer the questions, then click Continue.

    Note: Please contact the Student Medical Plan at 216-368-3049 or email medicalplan@case.edu with questions or concerns.

  5. Review your answers.

    Note: If you need to revise your responses, use the Back button to navigate to the previous screens. Clicking Submit on this page will result in a final submission and you will no longer be able to navigate back to edit your responses.

  6. To waive the plan, click Submit.

  7. Complete the requested information, and review the waiver text on the page. Check the box to acknowledge that you have read the waiver text. Click Waive.

  8. A confirmation page appears. Read the text, then click Continue.

  9. The Waive Optional Fees page appears for the term. The Status should now be Waived.

Note: The CWRU Student Medical Plan fee is automatically charged on a per semester basis to students registered for one or more credit hours. Students with comparative health coverage may be eligible to waive the Student Medical Plan fee. Students can waive the Medical Plan through the SIS in the Finance section of the Student Home. For late waiver appeals, please see the CWRU Student Medical Plan homepage.

The fall waiver for the Student Medical Plan will carry over to the spring semester. Students who wish to re-enroll in the Student Medical Plan may contact the CWRU Student Medical Plan at medicalplan@case.edu. More information about the Medical Plan is available on the CWRU Student Medical Plan homepage, including waiver eligibility criteria and instructions.

This completes the process of waiving the student medical plan fee.