The Student Information System (SIS) upgrade is complete and you will now see a new format including the sign in screen.  View project benefits.

The URL is the same as before: case.edu/sis but if you have the URL bookmarked in your browser you may need to update it.

Yes! Please clear your cache before logging in to the newly upgraded system. This will help to make sure you see all the new functionalities.

All recent places have been reset with the upgraded environment as many pages have been upgraded or changed location. You can use the global search if you are having any issues with finding what you are looking for in the newly upgraded SIS.

Favorites are no longer accessible to all users with the upgraded SIS. You can now personalize your homepage which will take the place of “Favorites”.

Class search has been upgraded. Please see Search Tips for more details on how to search for classes.

No, the mobile version of SIS did not change.  You will still be able to access it via the app or by using the URL sismobile.case.edu.

Yes, it is the same system. The vendor named the system "Campus Solutions" but at CWRU we typically refer to it as the Student Information System, or SIS for short.