Qlik is a data visualization tool replacing some of the reports previously found in the Data Warehouse (Business Objects). 

Logging In

To login, go to qlik.case.edu/cwru/ and enter your CWRU network ID and associated password. 

Using Qlik

In the left pane, you will see the streams (folders) to which you have access.  Student Records data is pulled from the Student Information System (SIS) into the streams SIS - Student Records (Live) and SIS-Student Records (Census). Click a stream to see the available apps (reports).

Click on the app you'd like to work with to see the associated sheet(s). 

Click a sheet to begin.  You will see all of the data to which you have access.

To move between sheets in an app, use the drop down box in the top right corner.  It will show you the other available sheets.  Click on the one you would like to move to. 

Qlik sheet selection window

Alternatively, use the arrows next to the drop down box to move between sheets.

Filtering Data

On the sheet, you may see filters above, below, or to the right of the data, which you can use to narrow the data results.  For example, clicking Fall 2019 in the Term filter, then the green check button to confirming your selection will filter data to show only Fall 2019.

Qlik filter


To remove this filter, click to close the Fall 2019 tab near the top of the window.

Qlik term filter

Another way to filter the data is by using the columns in the sheet.  Click the lookup icon at the top of a column and choose one or more values to narrow your results.

Note: your data will remain filtered when moving between sheets. 

Searching Data

Perform a Smart Search by clicking the lookup icon in the top left corner. 

Qlik smart search icon

Enter a name, an emplID or campus ID to locate instances in your data set.  Click on a field suggestion to filter your results.

Saving Search Criteria

To save your search criteria, click on the bookmark icon in the top right corner and click the Create New Bookmark button.  Enter title and description. Click the green check mark to save your new bookmark. 

Qlik bookmark creation

To find the bookmark you created, open the app you created it in and, before opening a sheet, click Bookmarks on the left.

Qlik - Find Bookmarks

Exporting Data

To export data, right click anywhere in the results and choose Export. 

Qlik export data


Next choose, Export as an image, Export to PDF, or Export data to export to an Excel spreadsheet. 


See all available apps in the SIS - Student Records stream on our Apps page.  For more information visit UTech's Qlik page.