IRB Advisory Committee (IAC)

CWRU and its affiliated hospitals comprise the largest human subject research center in Cleveland, Ohio. The CWRU Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) covers all human research conducted by any student, employee, or faculty member of Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), University Hospitals of Cleveland (UHC) and The MetroHealth System (MHS) as part of his or her job responsibilities with that organization, or any human research conducted by an independent contractor of these organizations as part of the organization's contract. In addition, for any human research in which Case acts as the grantee, employees of the Louis Stokes Cleveland Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center (LSCDVAMC) and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF) are also responsible for complying with the CWRU HRPP. The integration of the above mentioned components allows for enhanced oversight of human participant research between our financially-separate institutions since resources are shared, including IRB review, education of researchers and compliance monitoring.

The IRB Advisory Committee (IAC) serves to provide centralized oversight of the CWRU HRPP and is overseen by CWRU's Vice President for Research, Dr. Suzanne Rivera. The IAC's core mission is to ensure that the oversight of human subject research is appropriate and in accordance with institutional, federal and state regulations under the CWRU HRPP. The secondary mission of the IAC is to share resources and best practices among member institutions and other institutions within our community to ensure the protection of participants in human research.

Contact Information

To express any concerns, complaints, or suggestions regarding the organization's program to protect research participants, please use the following contact information:

CWRU HRPP and IRB Advisory Committee (IAC)

Kimberly A. Volarcik
Research Compliance Officer
CWRU Human Research Protection Program
Phone: 216.368.0134

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