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The new electronic pre-award system for submission of grant proposals and initiation of research contracts is called Sparta (Sponsored Programs Application for Research Tracking and Administration).  It is currently used for Pre-Award proposals and Conflict of Interest certifications.

Sparta Pre-Award, also known as SpartaPre, and SpartaCOI were developed by the Office of Research Administration (ORA) and Information Technology Services (ITS) with input from researchers and study support staff from across the campus.

SpartaPre includes a number of key features such as:

  • Smart forms. The system will ask you questions appropriate to the type of research being proposed.
  • Pre-loaded fields. Commonly used information will be entered for you to minimize data entry errors.
  • Form validation. The system examines data as it is entered to minimize data entry errors.
  • Budget functionality. Cost sharing is calculated for you.
  • Automatic generation of the SF-424 forms when needed.
  • System-to-system submission to

SpartaCOI incorporates a number of process improvements and streamlining of pre-requirements, including COI training now being able to be completed in minutes instead of hours.

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