Sparta FAQs

With CWRU's indirect rate (IDC rate) changing after July 1, 2020, budget periods that will start on or after that date should have an IDC rate different from periods that started before that date.

Department and division administrators now have the ability to change the IDC rate for each budget period independently.

Instructions can be found in this brief how-to guide.

Modular budgets may have cost shares. One reason it would create one would be if the personnel salaries exceed the salary cap in any of the years. This could happen if the first year salary is at the cap and there is an inflation rate applied. It does not matter if the utilization rate is 100% or not. It can also happen if you have a Requested Effort percentage higher than the Effort percentage for one or more of the personnel. (6/3/14)

It is very likely the attachment was too large for the message to send successfully. We are currently working on a way to notify users of the maximum attachment size before their messages are sent. In the meantime, to ensure delivery of your messages, attach larger sized files directly to the FP's workspace by using the Log a Comment activity. Afterwards you can use Email My Team to notify users of the attachment's location. (1/19/17)

While editing the funding proposal, you can go to section “4.0 Budget Periods/Dates” and remove the years you don’t need. (6/3/14)

Sometimes the SF424 is generated with five periods and you didn’t want that. If you edit the “Number of Budget Periods” in the SF424 on the “PHS 398 *** Budget (v1.2) – Period 1” page, the SF424 will remove the unnecessary budget period pages. (8/14/14)

Huron understands that submissions from time to time inadvertently attach the wrong documents to the SF424s causing proposals to not be funded. As a best practice, this check is done to prevent these types of mistakes. (6/3/14)

Sparta looks at the filenames, but only the first 20 characters. If your files have long filenames and differ only at the end, Sparta will think they are the same file. Try putting the differentiators at the beginning of the name or shortening the filenames. (6/3/14)

When Sparta users share funding proposals (FPs) with other researchers and administrators via the “Invite Others” function, the FPs are read-only and budgets are not included. This is by design and prevents inadvertently revealing potentially sensitive data in the FP such as researcher salary. (6/10/14)

Sparta can’t handle filenames that have any special characters such as apostrophes or percent marks. Try to keep filenames to letters, numbers, spaces, underscores or dashes to be safe. (6/11/14)

Contact and point out the FP, the budget error and they can run a job to “reset the DependencyGraph” which will force the FP to recalculate all of the budget items. It should fix the problem. (6/11/14)

That state, "Withdrawn by Sponsor," is not one we use or have set up on logic for in Sparta. If you have the Sparta team change the FOS state to simply “Withdrawn” you will be able to create a new follow-on submission. The wrong state makes the FP think there is still a FOS in process. (6/19/14)

On the personnel grid, you probably have rows for people that you aren’t going to use that are blank. If you remove the blank rows on the grid and then save or continue with only the rows you need filled in, you won’t get that error. (6/23/14)

I am validating my FP submission and I get the following error “The mechanism () of the prior submission does not match the mechanism of the FOA (R01). Please check the Federal Identifier provided for your application to ensure you are including the correct prior information and the FOA to ensure you are submitting to the correct opportunity. This application will be processed but there may be a delay in referral. (NIH 1.7.16).” What can I do to resolve this warning?

This is caused when the funding sponsor incorrectly puts something in parentheses in the opportunity name.  Sparta expects there to only be one set of parentheses at the end of the FOA name with the funding mechanism within them. The Sparta team can fix the FOA name in the Sparta system but the warning can also be bypassed by your ORA representative. (7/2/14)

A special character, like an apostrophe or an ampersand, in the filename, typically causes this. Make sure the filename you are trying to email or reference only has letters and numbers in the title. Dashes and underscores are acceptable as well. (11/4/14)

There is a problem with dates that are typed into the Proposed Start Date field, either on View 2.0 Proposal Information, View 4.0 Budget Periods/Dates or the Grids: Budget Periods/Dates pages. Using the calendar tool next to the field to select the date will resolve this issue. (11/12/14)