Sparta Release Notes

Here are the communications that the Office of Research Administration has sent regarding Sparta.

July 25, 2014 (notice)

  • We have added a "Training & Information" link on the Sparta homepage to allow users a quicker link to CWRU-specific info related to updates, maintenance, and training
  • Two new tools on Spiderweb allow Department/Division Administrators or higher to create a new Sparta user or request an older eURF be imported to Sparta:
    • Sparta Request Person allows someone to set up a new Sparta user as support staff and the PI if the new user has a CWRU ID
    • Sparta Request eURF allows DAs to request a eURF that is not yet in Sparta as well as update the PI and department if necessary. The eURF request is still reviewed by ORA or SOM OG&C before completing the import into Sparta

June 4, 2014 (notice)

  • We have received questions regarding the organization of the SF424 PDF file generated from Sparta. In conferring with our Huron consultants, it was relayed that "This will not impact the submission since the PDF file is never sent to When the SF424 project is validated, an XML file is generated with the data that was entered into the smartform. When the user runs the Submit to GrantsGov activity, the xml is transmitted via webservice to The federal funding agency then picks up the xml and assembles it into a PDF package on their end."
  • The PDF is not the file submitted to It is for our records only. Huron has identified that this matter will be corrected in a future release for all of its customers.

May 28, 2014 (notice)

  • With the upcoming proposal due dates, we wanted to provide a few friendly reminders regarding the creation of your SF 424. We have received some requests for additional information regarding the process for importing subaward/subcontractor budgets into Sparta. See step-by-step instructions to assist with this process. Future enhancements to this process will be forthcoming at a later date.
  • As a friendly reminder, please be sure to double check the details of your PDF version of the SF424 to ensure all information is accurate.

May 16, 2014 (notice)


  • The testing of the NIH R-series submissions with detailed budgets has been completed. For these submissions,
  1. Generate the SF424 application
  2. Go to the SF424 workspace and open the SF424 application.
  3. Review the SF424 application for completeness. Information relevant to the form; therefore, you will just need to complete the series specific fields.
  4. Validate the SF424 and generate the SF424 PDF before routing through the Sparta system. Please note Sparta will map over a 0 in the blank person months fields and this will show as a warning during validation. We are aware of matter and are working through this. If you prefer, these 0's can be deleted from the SF424.
  • As an update, the mapping for non-R (F,K,T, etc. and non-NIH) series submissions is being completed. In the interim, continue to follow this guidance:
  1. Create a New FP and complete both the Funding Proposal and Budget forms. Please note there will not be a location to add the Series specific attachments in Section 7.1 CWRU Research Plan for These attachments can be added as a last step directly to the generated SF424 within Sparta.
  2. Generate the SF424 application
  3. Go to the SF424 workspace and open the SF424 application.
  4. Within the SF424 you will utilize the budget grid information to populate the SF424 budgets (by inputting the numbers) and also attach any of the required PDFs into the SF424 directly. Please be sure to also complete any other required fields. Please note Sparta will continue to map over information relevant to the form; therefore you will just need to complete the Series specific fields.
  5. Validate the SF424 and generate the SF424 PDF before routing through the Sparta system.

Bottom Line Budgets

  • In our last update, the functionality to allow the addition of Bottom Line Budgets was made available. Keep in mind that these budgets should only be used for discretionary projects. If a Bottom Line Budget is received for any other type of project, the funding proposal will be returned for a detailed budget to be completed.

Progress Reports for Continuation Funding

  • Detailed budgets are required at the time that a follow-on submission (FOS) is completed for a progress report. The first year (or for a converted award) is the time when detailed budgets are completed for all years of a project. Upon the next year's funding, detailed budgets which are in Sparta will be used as a starting point for budget purposes. The benefits in the time spent entering the detailed budgets at the onset include expedited processing of continuation funding, reporting of budget information and the transparency of proposed and committed effort of personnel.

April 22, 2014 (notice)

  • Now that all schools have gone live with Sparta and we are moving forward, we would like to create a Sparta User Advisory team. We would like to invite participants from the different management centers to offer their input, feedback, and testing on Sparta and where we should go in the future with Sparta. This team would meet monthly and offer feedback on enhancements and fixes for Sparta. They would also provide ideas on new enhancements for the system as well as the priority of those items. This team may also help test new Sparta functionality. We are requesting volunteers and greatly appreciate your willingness to participate and be a part of the team. If you are interested, please send your name to

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