Apps Development, Design & Commercialization Environment: CWRUcible


A coordinated, cross-disciplinary set of student, faculty, and alumni resources organized to provide a novel commercialization pathway for mobile app development and design. CWRUcible provides students the opportunity to work on real-world projects as part of multi-disciplinary team with expert guidance from alumni and corporate leaders.

Students can become part of a CWRUcible team as fulfillment of one of their senior project or design courses, or can be directly hired by the program. Each student team will benefit from working with students in other disciplines that complement their own - much like the workplace in which they'll eventually find themselves.  

CWRUcible Partners

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Faculty Lead:

     Chris Fietkiewicz, Ph.D.

Department of Design and Innovation Faculty Lead: 

     Michael Goldberg

Principal corporate partner:

     Hyland Software

Alumni Advisory board members: 

     Benjamin Bayat, Investment Advisor, Illuminate Ventures

     Rose Figliano, Design Instructor, General Assembly