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CWRU is proud to participate in the Ohio Innovation Exchange (OIEx). The OIEx platform serves as a one-stop shop for partners seeking to connect with Ohio’s academic researchers, laboratories and other university assets.  An initiative of the Ohio Department of Higher Education, OIEx was developed in collaboration with CWRU, Ohio State University, Ohio University and University of Cincinnati and industry partners from the Ohio Manufacturing Institute.

The Ohio Innovation Exchange (OIEx) connects industry and business to professors, students, equipment, inventions and facilities that are available at Ohio research universities. OIEx provides access to more than 13,000 faculty and 600 resource facilities from campuses and laboratories around the state, with a mission to facilitate collaboration between Ohio’s leading academic and business minds.

OIEx can connect your company with valuable academic resources that can be difficult to find. OIEx consolidates information from multiple Ohio research universities into a single, searchable and easily-accessible web site, allowing industry and your business to easily find the academic expertise you need. Moreover, university liaisons ensure businesses and university experts are connected to quickly develop working partnerships.

Whether seeking assistance with initial product research, development or commercialization, industry now has a go-to resource in OIEx to find academic partners to assist them with their work. By connecting business and industry with these academic institutions, OIEx will facilitate partnerships, expand workforce opportunities for students and business, while fostering innovation and economic development throughout the world.

As a faculty member, the OIEx aggregates existing information about your expertise, access to state-of-the-art equipment and instrumentation, intellectual property, and research support services.  While a primary driver of the platform is connectivity to industry, this portal also can serve as a great resource for faculty who are looking for potential collaborators elsewhere across campus and the state (when writing grant proposals, for example).  Additionally, the density of information contained in the exchange can help in networking towards graduate student position recruitment and team-science endeavors.