Vision, Mission, Values


Promote organizational resilience at Case Western Reserve University with comprehensive planning, preparedness and collaboration.


Through the systematic development of a Business Continuity Plan, Case Western Reserve University’s plan will safeguard the continuity of research and scholarship for our university community’s critical operations within a reasonable period of time.


  • Restore essential university operations while keeping safety and security paramount.
  • Foster a collaborative and consultative relationship with departments and business units in the plan creation process to ensure a realistic and functional plan.
  • Maintain integrity and transparency when drafting the plan to meet the diverse needs of the university community.
  • Learn from and share best practices of any one department, business unit or college with others, in order to build a more thorough, congruent Business Continuity Plan.
  • Treat the plan as a living document – it will grow and evolve over time with testing and process refinement.