CWRU Ready Planning Tool

CWRU Ready

Now that you have completed the Business Impact Analysis (BIA), you have the foundation to create your business continuity plan.  Are you ready to begin?

Software for business continuity planning

Case Western Reserve University partners with Kuali Foundation, Inc. to provide business continuity planning software to the University community.  Known as CWRU Ready, this web-based software is designed to help campus department create plans for continuity of operation in the event of a disaster or emergency situation.  These plans are essential for resuming critical operations that support the mission of the University.

With CWRU Ready, departments can:

  • Construct plans in a simple, questionnaire-based approach
  • Consider multiple loss scenarios
  • Monitor and retrieve plans from any Internet-connected device
  • Determine who can manage, edit or view individual plans
  • Attach documents and files to plan
  • Copy plans to use as templates.