Business Impact Analysis

BIA Planning Tools

Work with your departmental and external partners to complete a business impact analysis.

Completing a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is a fundamental planning exercise for all departments as they begin to think about business continuity. The intention of the BIA is to identify all processes that pass through your area, prioritize those processes that are critical to supporting the university’s mission, and determine all resources needed to ensure process completion. That includes employees, vendors, supplies, equipment, systems, applications.

When completing a BIA, assume the worst case scenario of a university outage for an extended period of time at peak time of year. This outage could entail loss of personnel and could impact a single or multiple campus facilities. The circumstances and university response may differ depending on when the crisis occurs during the academic year.


For an introduction on the purpose of the BIA, and training on how to complete it, please contact the Business Continuity Manager at She will schedule a time to address your business unit and help with identifying critical processes, resources, impacts and any potential gaps.

Once your BIA has been completed, the Business Continuity Manager will continue to be the contact for your department’s business continuity representative(s) and will provide ongoing support and oversight of the plan development process.

View and download a presentation detailing the components of the Business Impact Analysis.