Outdoor Spaces

Our neighborhood of University Circle has been Case Western Reserve's home since 1882, and in a time when outdoor interaction is safer and indoor spaces may be scheduled for other uses, our social and recreational lives rely even more on outdoor life. We are fortunate to have so much green space, public art, garden oases and seating alcoves on campus and in neighborhoods within walking distance of our campus boundaries.

Campus program planners who know our area well have created an informal list of outdoor spaces that students, staff and faculty might seek out. On the spreadsheet, you’ll find some spaces that are great for: 

  • a secluded bench to eat lunch or have a video conversation;
  • a quiet path for a walk;
  • an interesting place to view art or gardens;
  • a maintained path for running, biking or using a wheelchair; or
  • a clearing to gather a socially distanced group for a planned or spontaneous activity together. 

For organized activities, you’re reminded to review the programming guidelines and consult with the Office of Student Activities and Leadership or employment supervisors to make sure your activity planning is low-risk and within university expectations.

The list will be reviewed and updated regularly. The availability of reservations may fluctuate over time, and outdoor resources and activities may be added or changed as the academic year progresses and the weather changes. 

If you have updates or additions, or ideas for additional information to include, please contact Janice Gerda at jjg14@case.edu.