Return to Campus Process

Request Approval to Return

Before any plans to return commence, supervisors must apply for approval to bring employees back to their workspaces. (School of Medicine supervisors must submit this form.)

Work Area Assessment 

Teams will visit physical spaces to determine whether changes are required (rearrangement of furniture, installation of dividers, screens, and/or schedule adjustments) to reduce exposure risk.

They also will evaluate the nature and amount of supplies needed (sanitizer, disinfectant, wipes).

Unit Operations Plan Approval

Staff will communicate assessment findings to supervisors and recommend options (e.g. physical modifications, staggered schedules, etc.) for reducing risk.

Supervisors will complete and submit a Unit Operations Plan that details how the unit will address recommendations to reduce exposure.

Emergency Management and Human Resources will either approve the plan or return for revisions.

Work Area Preparation

  • Work area will receive necessary hygiene and cleaning supplies (hand sanitizer, disinfectant, etc.)
  • If necessary per the unit’s operations plan, facilities will remove furniture and/or install dividers/screens
  • Employee card access to building(s) will be restored

Employee Orientation

Prior to return to campus, employees participate in a virtual orientation that reviews:

  • Details regarding COVID-19 symptoms and transmission
  • Strategies to help prevent exposure
  • Guidance for returning employees

The orientation will include an opportunity to ask questions.

Upon Return to Campus

  • Custodians will disinfectant high-touch areas daily
  • Employees will be asked to disinfectant high-touch areas as needed
  • Employees will complete online health assessment daily before coming to campus