Re-Entry Supplies

Surgical Masks

The university has a supply of tie-on surgical masks available for faculty and staff.

N95 Masks

Faculty and staff who wish to test the use of N95 masks can do so before joining a voluntary use program. Please note: N95 masks are not appropriate for use by everyone. They can be uncomfortable, limit your ability to communicate, cause skin irritation issues, and add significant stress to your respiratory system and heart.

Face Shields

Faculty and staff can request a face shield to be used in addition to a mask. A face shield provides additional protection; it cannot be used in place of a mask.

Procurement has confirmed 300 welcome back cleaning kits. One will be distributed to each department upon approved reentry to campus. One kit serves 15-20 staff, large departments will be scaled to receive additional kits dependent on their number of staff.

Each kit includes:

  • two 8-ounce hand sanitizer bottles
  • one tub of sanitizing wipes, and
  • a six-pack case of 16-ounce disinfecting spray bottles with sprayers.

Actual kit contents may vary, but all components are EPA approved or FDA approved, as regulated.

Additional supplies

Procurement will work to maintain a rotating list of available supplies through our preferred suppliers for departmental ordering.

Please note: Some of these items may have a longer lead time than you are used to (e.g. items from Office Depot will not arrive on campus next day.). Please plan ahead, and try to only order what your department will need to allow for timely fulfillment. Ordering very large quantities will result in order delays.

Specialty items

Should your office need specialty items, please work with Procurement directly by emailing Provide the team with the specification of the item you are looking for, and the quantity needed.

Other disclaimers

  • N95 mask requests/ needs should be routed to Marc Rubin ( in EHS for approval and use requirements.
  • The CDC Guideline for Hand Sanitizer or an Alcohol-Based Hand Rub is containing at least 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol. Verification of NDC number is required.