Living on Campus

As of Aug. 6, the university has announced a shift to a risk-mitigation model that limits one person to a single room in on-campus housing. This means far fewer students will be in residence halls.

For those who remain on campus, life will differ dramatically from students’ typical experiences. Students may not enter residence halls or rooms in which they do not live; students must maintain physical distance and wear masks at all times (indoors and out) unless in a room by themselves. Student organizations will be permitted to have in-person meetings, but must submit detailed event plans (including risk-mitigation measures) for each of them as part of securing permission to use campus spaces. Fall varsity athletics are canceled, as are winter ones through the end of the calendar year. Dining halls will serve grab-and-go meals, and also enforce physical distancing indoors.

Below, we've outlined a few things to know about campus life.

10 Things to Know About Living on Campus

We know this is an exciting, but stressful, time for our students, and that you may have many questions about what to expect from life on campus. Living in CWRU housing this year will be different, but it will be guided by public health expertise, and everyone in our campus community will play a role to make it a safe experience for all.

As you prepare to return, here are 10 things to know about what your experience living on campus will look like this year:

  1. Pack light! Bring only essential belongings and supplies.
  2. Follow COVID-19 requirements. Masks, physical distance, daily health attestation and hand washing are expected of all of us.
  3. Plan to keep things clean. Custodial services will be more frequent, but you should clean spaces regularly, too.
  4. Neighbors will create community standards for shared facilities. Your Residence Life staff or chapter leaders will help.
  5. Meet with visitors outside of residence areas. Because of the pandemic, only assigned residents will be permitted in their respective residence halls, houses and rooms.
  6. Expect to hear from your Residence Life staff and chapter leaders regularly. They will be contacting you remotely and building community in virtual ways. Please keep in touch with them.
  7. Lounges and other common areas will have limited occupancy, and are restricted only to residents of that building.
  8. Consider pre-packing a "go bag" of essential items to keep handy in case you need to temporarily move to a different space on short notice.
  9. Limit travel outside of Cleveland and in-person interaction outside of the CWRU community.
  10. Pack for outdoor student life: foldable camp chair, hat with a brim, sunscreen and bug repellent. See the University Housing website for more packing tips.

Know that we are planning for safety, but also for connection and community. Campus life will be quieter, more virtual and happen in smaller groups. Begin to think now about how you and your friends can find new ways to find personal balance, keep healthy, think deeply, achieve academic goals and make and keep social connections.