Schubert Center Issues Statement in Response to Protests

Photograph of African American and white children holding protest signs that read "Black Lives Matter" and "None of Us is Free until All of Us are Free"

The Schubert Center is committed to protecting and improving the well-being of all children, and we are saddened by the senseless violence and systemic racism that are particularly harmful to black and brown families in our community and our country.  We research and support policies focused on health, education, and juvenile justice disparities, and we know that much more work is to be done.

In a recent essay for The Atlantic, author and poet Clint Smith explained the fear that so many parents of Black children are feeling: "As one of my friends put it when thinking about having a 2-year-old son in this moment, it’s the 'discomforting juxtaposition between the joy of seeing the world through his eyes and knowing how the world will see him one day.'"

We acknowledge the tremendous pain present today, and we recommit to the work for a more just and equitable community. We will continue to implore our police, the schools, the medical system and the policy makers to make positive change with the urgency it requires.  All of our children are depending on us.

To see additional responses and resources from Case Western Reserve University, please visit the new Race, Police and Protest page.