Child Policy Externship Capstone Presentations

Photographs of students Kelsey Shearer and Cara Giannuzzi

The Schubert Center is pleased to announce two capstone presentations by participants in the Mann Child Policy Externship Program. Seniors Kelsey Shearer (Medical Anthropology major) and Cara Giannuzzi (Psychology major) will be speaking about research they conducted this past semester during their externship experiences.

Kelsey was mentored by Dr. Vanessa Maier (family physician and Medical Director of the MetroHealth School Health Program) and examined school-based health programs. She will be speaking on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 10 from 9-10 am.

Cara worked with Dr. Edward Barksdale in his AntiFragility Initiative at University Hospitals. She will present her research on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 15 from 9-10 am.

The capstone presentations are open to the community; for the Zoom link, email and indicate which session(s) you are interested in attending.

The Mann Child Policy externships create a rigorous educational and civic experience by giving undergraduates an opportunity to work directly with professionals who design and implement policies that impact the lives of children and families. Students gain first-hand perspectives on the policy process by engaging in planning, research, analysis, and/or advocacy activities emphasizing policy related to children and childhood.

Learn more about the Mann Child Policy Externship program.