Amy Fisher, PhD

Post Doctoral Scholar
Schubert Center for Child Studies
Schubert Research Associate
Schubert Center for Child Studies

Research Information

Research Interests

My research focuses on issues of equitable education in policy and practice that perpetuate disparities for K-12 students at the intersection of race and ability. My work draws from Disability Studies and Critical Race Theories (Dis/Crit) to examine the functions of ableism and racism within education. I continue to look for ways to integrate educational policy and practice into my research. Additionally, I look at the role of White Racial Identity on the interactions between educators and students and issues related to disproportionately within special education.

Professional Memberships

Nationally Certified School Psychologist



FisherA. E., Fisher, B. W., Railey, K. (in press) An integrated view of the manifestation determination review process and DisCrit theory: Review and implications for practice. Race, Ethnicity, and Education.

Fisher, A. E., Fisher, S., Arsenault, C., Jacob, R. & Barnes-Najor, J. (in press). The protective role of ethnic identity on the relationship between school climate and self-esteem for African American adolescents. School Psychology Review.

Ickes, M., Sampson, S., Rayens, M., Xiao, M., Fisher, A. E., Mundy, M. E., & Hahn, E. Tobacco-free ambassador partnership: Empowering youth advocates in Appalachian communities. Health Promotion Practice.


School Psychology
University of Kentucky