Dr. Sonia Minnes, delivers expert testimony about the pandemic's impact on learning and child care to the Ohio General Assembly’s Child Care Study Committee

Sonia Minnes professional photo

Dr. Sonia Minnes was invited by Andrea White, State Representative of Ohio House District 41, to submit expert testimony about the pandemic's impact on learning and childcare to the Ohio General Assembly's Child Care Study Committee. This testimony is based on research completed in collaboration with Dr. Darcy Freedman, Director of the Swetland Center. The funding for the research came from the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation, in partnership with the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. Three key takeaways emerged from our findings:

  1. Quality of childcare is critical for optimal child development
  2. Quality childcare mutually benefits parent and child, and
  3. Childcare's essentialness was revealed through the COVID-19 pandemic

To learn more about our published research from the COVID-19 Childcare Study, see, The effects of COVID-19-related stress among parents and children in Ohio child care programs: a mixed-methods study and a related presentation COVID-19 and Child Care: Lessons Learned for Moving Forward. Both in collaboration with the Swetland Center.