A Statement on Violence in Uvalde, Texas


Uvalde mass shooting

Dear Friends of the Schubert Center,

The Schubert Center is committed to protecting and improving the well-being of all children.  Once again, we are heartbroken and angered by the use of senseless violence against children in Uvalde yesterday.  Our thoughts go out to the families of those lost, their community, and all of us who witnessed yet another tragedy against innocent lives.  We all know that thoughts and prayers are not enough; actions must be taken to reduce the likelihood of this type of violence plaguing our society.  We stand committed to working in partnership with our community and public leaders to provide safe spaces for learning for all children.

Resources for families and educators:

Talking to children about violence

Discussing mass shootings with students and in the community

Educators: Helping youth after community trauma

Crisis resources

APA resources for coping with mass shootings



Anastasia Dimitropoulos

Director, Schubert Center for Child Studies