Discipline Disparities Among Students with Dis/abilities

book cover

Dr. Amy Fisher, Post-Doc at the Schubert Center for Child Studies, wrote a chapter on the topic, School Discipline at the Intersection of Race and Ability: Examining the Role of Police in Schools, in the newly published book entitled, "Discipline Disparities Among Students with Disabilities." The book, published by Teachers College Press, addresses radicalized processes around discipline disparities among students with disabilities, exploring the intersectionality of students who identify as Black or Native American. Each chapter bridges policy, research, and practice which is the Mission of the Schubert Center.  

"We can go beyond ignoring or explaining away inequities or documenting but not taking steps to right wrongs. We now have evidence-based tools to achieve equity. This book presents multiple pathways to do so."
—From the Foreword by Kent McIntosh, University of Oregon

"The authors provide a road map for the next decade of research, policy, and practice to eradicate discipline disparities among students with disabilities. They challenge us to consider the complex intersection of gender, race, and ability, and inspire us to answer the urgent call for systemic change."
Anne Gregory, professor, Rutgers University