Current Faculty Associate Research

Schubert Center Faculty Associates are conducting research and lending their expertise across all disciplines to improve the lives and well-being of children and adolescents. Below are current publications.

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Date of Publication

The Utility and Impact of the Addiction Comprehensive Health Enhancement Support System (ACHESS) on Substance Abuse Treatment Adherence among Youth in an Intensive Outpatient Program

addiction, substance abuse, mobile app

November 2019

Differential long-term outcomes for individuals with histories of preschool speech sound disorders

speech sound disorders, outcomes, language, reading

November 2019

Caring for Technology-dependent children at home: Problems and solutions identified by mothers

Technology-Dependent Child, Mothers, Problems, Solutions

October 2019

Poly-Victimization across Time in Juvenile Justice-Involved Youth Receiving Behavioral Health Treatment

Adolescent victimization, juvenile justice, treatment, diversion programs

October 2019

Examination of a new brief screening measure of trauma symptoms and violence exposure among young children

trauma, violence

October 2019

Medicaid’s EPSDT Benefit: An Opportunity to Improve Pediatric Screening for Social Determinants of Health

Medicaid, disparities, EPSDT, health policy, social determinants of health, pediatrics

September 2019

Early Social Cognitive Ability in Preschoolers with Prader-Willi Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Prader-Willi syndrome, autism, social-cognitive, pretend play

August 2019

Cognitive and Behavioral Impact on Children Exposed to Opioids During Pregnancy

Development, opiods, neonatal

August 2019

Can Ohio’s Approach to School Truancy Succeed While Avoiding Justice System Contact?

Truancy, juvenile justice, legislation

July 2019

Probing the Dynamics of Sibling Interactions vis-à-vis Children’s Musical Development

communicative musicality, early childhood music, family systems theory, musical parenting, siblings

July 2019

Effects of individual risk and state housing factors on adverse outcomes in a national sample of youth transitioning out of foster care

Foster care ,Transition-age youth, Homelessness, Incarceration, Pregnancy, Substance abuse

July 2019

Homeward Bound: The Discharge of a Technology-Dependent Infant from the NICU

Technology-Dependent Infant, NICU Discharge, Mothers, Depressive Symptoms, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms

July 2019

Maternal factors associated with the healthcare utilization of technology-dependent infants following NICU discharge

healthcare utilization, mothers, psychological well-being, resourcefulness, technology-dependent infants

July 2019

Using Telehealth to Address Disparities in Cognitive, Language, and Emotion Regulation Problems in Young Children: A Case Illustration Using the INvesT Model

Telehealth, Developmental Delay, low-income, risk assessment, screening, urban

June 2019

Professional Psychology: Research and Practice at Fifty: From experiment to valued resource

journal history; professional psychology, editing

June 2019

Using Telehealth to Address Disparities in Cognitive, Language, and Emotion Regulation Problems in Young Children: A Case Illustration Using the INVEST Model

children, early intervention, telehealth, assessment

June 2019

We Can Change Our Culture of Gun Violence: Here’s How

Gun violence, youth

July 2019

 How to identify and treat bullying 

Bullying, pediatricians

June 2019

School’s Out. Now What? 

School, summer

June 2019

Keeping students safe and helping them thrive: A collaborative handbook on school safety, mental health and wellness

gun violence, school safety

May 2019

Evaluating school-based violence prevention programs: Challenges and opportunities now and into the future. 

schools, violence prevention


Effects of intimate partner violence and quality of the home environment on child language development in the first three years of life

intimate partner violence, children, language, development

March 2019

When Kids Don’t Want to Clean Up


February 2019

The PRETEND Program: Evaluating the feasibility of a remote parent-training intervention for children with Prader-Willi syndrome

Prader-Willi syndrome; parent training; socioemotional development; telehealth

December 2018

“A Tale of Two NGO Discourses: Stories of Suffering Qur’anic School Children in Senegal.”

NGOs; Children’s rights; Humanitarianism; Childhoods; Senegal; Islamic education

December 2018

How Ohio’s Restore Court Focuses on Helping Sex Trafficked Youth

Sex trafficking, youth, commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC), trauma, physical health, mental health, Restore Court

November 2018

Bullying: When Does it Stop? Fifteen Eighty Four: Academic Perspectives from Cambridge University Press

Bullying, school, peers, mental health, teenagers

November 2018

"The Limits of Shock and Shame: An Ethnographic Case Analysis of the Naming and Shaming Technique to Promote Human Rights for the Taalibe Qur’anic School Students of Senegal.”

Human rights, Africa, naming and shaming

August 2018

The Transmission of Violence and Trauma across Development and Environmental Contexts: Intimate Partner Violence from the Perspective of Male Perpetrators


Poly-Victimization across Time in Juvenile Justice-Involved Youth Receiving Behavioral Health Treatment


Probing the dynamics of sibling interactions vis-à-vis children’s musical development


Preliminary characterization of parent-child interaction in preschoolers with Prader-Willi Syndrome: The relationship between engagement and parental stress