united for change

The Case Western Reserve campus is ripe with experts who focus on the theory and practice of bringing about societal change. Through partnerships with proponents from a variety of backgrounds, the Social Justice Institute brings together educators, researchers and innovators who combine their skills to devise multifaceted solutions to complex issues.

partner schools at CWRU

Several areas of the university already house initiatives that help advance social justice:

other departments

In addition to the emphasis individual schools place on questions of social equality, the university is home to several interdisciplinary centers that focus on specific social issues. By strategically combining the knowledge and talents of scholars in these diverse, yet interconnected, specialties, the Social Justice Institute capitalizes on the vast resources of Case Western Reserve's world-class faculty. Among them are:

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To learn more about social justice initiatives at Case Western Reserve and how you can be involved, contact the Social Justice Institute at 216.368.2515, socialjustice@case.edu, or leave feedback here.

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