shaping change

The Social Justice Institute encourages members of the university to incite change on many levels. In addition to the institute's academic programs, a variety of opportunities are being made available for members of the university to learn more about social justice and uniquely shape the university's efforts to combat inequality.

existing course development grants—coming spring 2015

This grant program encourages integration of social justice elements into existing courses. Participants will be selected through an application process.

social justice scholars faculty fellowship program—coming 2014-15

This semester-long program allows a group of up to eight faculty members to develop new courses focused on social justice in university-wide or departmental seminars. Fellows will be chosen through an application process and will draw from all participating schools.

get involved!

To learn more about social justice initiatives at Case Western Reserve and how you can be involved, contact the Social Justice Institute at 216.368.2515,, or leave feedback.

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