A major component of the Voicing & Action Project is the gathering of testimonies of East Cleveland residents into oral and video narratives. To better do this, the SJI will continually present the audio and videos here to ensure all stakeholders and interested parties are on the same page.

Three Words - A Vision of East Cleveland's Future
The "Three Words" project is an ongoing process. It started at the inaugural Voicing & Action library event last July and is updated with each VAP event.

Let's Talk About Visioning
The following videos are from the "Let's Talk About Visioning" series curated by the Social Justice Institute at Case Western Reserve University with its community partner the Northeast Ohio Alliance for Hope (NOAH).

Session 1 - How did we get here?

Session 2 - Controlling the Narrative

Session 3 - New Ways of Thinking

Session 4 - New Ways of Thinking

Session 5 - Visioning