Rachel Lovell, PhD

Research Assistant Professor
Begun Center for Violence Prevention Research and Education
Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences

Rachel Lovell (PhD, The Ohio State University, 2007) is a Research Assistant Professor at the Begun Center for Violence Prevention Research and Education at the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve University. She is a sociologist and methodologist who focuses on applied research and evaluation, working with law enforcement, community-based agencies, and public systems to examine the impact of violent behavior that is primarily directed at women and girls—in particular sexual assault, human sex trafficking, and intimate partner violence.

Dr. Lovell is currently the PI a large action research project on untested sexual assault kits in Cuyahoga County, Ohio in collaboration with the Cuyahoga County Sexual Assault Kit Task Force, with funding provided by the Bureau of Justice Assistance’s Sexual Assault Kit Initiative. She is also the PI on a recently awarded grant from the National Institute of Justice to employ machine learning technology to analyze the narratives of thousands of sexual assault police reports for “signaling” language regarding a victim’s credibility. She has also led evaluations of a sexual assault victim advocacy program and a juvenile human trafficking docket in Cuyahoga County.

She has presented findings from her research at national and international conferences in the criminology, mental/behavioral health, sociology, and related fields, at congressional briefings, and published these results in various professional journals.

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Curriculum Vitae

Q: Why is your work at the Begun Center important to you, to our community, and to the world? I am not sure I could ever go back to doing more traditional academic research after having been an applied researcher for so long, because applied work is at the core of making a change. In answering the question of ‘so what?’ the sociology I was taught often never engaged the community; we used secondary data sets to explore topics that interested us but we rarely thought about what it would mean or how to explain to others. It was for the sake of intellectual exercise. The work at Begun Center is so fulfilling because it has a direct application to make improvements, and you appeal directly to stakeholders.

Q: What is a cause about which you are particularly passionate? Gender inequality is at the core of most of what I do, in particular gender-based violence, including sexual harassment, workplace gender discrimination, rape, human trafficking, and intimate partner violence.

Awards and Honors

Women of Achievement Award
Flora Stone Mather Center for Women, CWRU

Professional Memberships

American Society of Criminology Division of Women in Crime
Sociologists for Women in Society


Selected Publications

Lovell, Rachel, Wenxuan Huang, Laura Overman, Daniel J. Flannery, and Joanna Klingenstein. (2020). Offending Histories and Typologies of Suspected Sexual Offenders Identified via Untested Sexual Assault Kits. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 47(4):470-486. DOI: 10.1177/0093854819896385

Luminais, Misty and Rachel E. Lovell. (2019). A Safe Harbor is Temporary Shelter, Not a Pathway Forward: How Court Mandated Sex Trafficking Intervention Fails to Help Girls Quit the Sex Trade. Victims & Offenders, 14:5, 540-560. DOI: 10.1080/15564886.2019.1628145

Lovell, Rachel, Liuhong Yang, and Joanna Klingenstein. (2019). Testing Sexual Assault Kits Saves Money and Prevents Sexual Assaults. Special Issue: Translating Research to Policy: Improving Justice for Women and Girls, Translational Criminology, Winter. 

Luminais, Misty, Cyleste Collins, and Rachel E. Lovell. (Forthcoming.) Speaking the Previously Unspeakable: How the Codification of Spousal Rape into Law Affects How Intimate Partner Sexual Assaults are Reported in Conceptualizing Sexual Violence in Marriage: Research and Policy by Torres, M. Gabriela and Kersti Yllö.

Lovell, R., Collins, C., McGuire, M., Overman, L., Luminais, M., and Flannery, D. (2019). Understanding Intimate Partner Sexual Assaults: Findings from Sexual Assault Kits. Special Issue on Sexual Assaults in Intimate Relationships, Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma, 28(1):2-7.

Lovell, R., Luminais, M., Flannery, D., Bell, R., and Kyker, B. (2018). Describing the Process and Quantifying the Outcomes of the Cuyahoga County Sexual Assault Kit Initiative. Journal of Criminal Justice, 57:106-115.

Lovell, R., Luminais, M., and Flynn, K. (2018). Structural Misgendering of Transgender Sex Workers in Chicago via Mug Shots?: A Case Study of Practicing in the Social Sciences. Practicing Anthropology, 40(1):48-52.

Lovell, Rachel, Daniel J. Flannery, and Misty Luminais. (2018). Chapter 22 Serial Sexual Offenders Identified from Backlogged Sexual Assault Kits (SAKs) in The Cambridge Handbook of Violent Behavior and Aggression, 2nd Edition edited by Alexander T. Vazsonyi, Dnaiel J. Flannery, & Matt DeLisi, NY: Cambridge University Press.

Lovell, R., Singer, Mendel, Flannery, D., and Luminais, M. (2018). Testing Unsubmitted Rape Kits Saves Money. EndTheBacklog.org.

Clark, D.R., and Lovell, R. (2018). Collaborative Partnerships and the DNA Testing of Unsubmitted SAKs. The Police Chief (Official Publication of the International Association of Chiefs of Police).

Lovell, Rachel, Misty Luminais, Daniel J. Flannery, Laura T. Overman, Duoduo Huang, Tiffany M. Walker, and Dan R. Clark. (2017). Offending patterns for serial sex offenders identified via the DNA testing of previously unsubmitted sexual assault kits. Journal of Criminal Justice, ISSN: 0047-2352, Vol: 52, Page: 68-78. 

Lovell, R. and Flannery, D. (2016, Nov). Testing of backlogged rape evidence leads to hundreds of convictions. The Conversation.


Selected Presentations

"Undetected rapists" - Keynote presentation at University of Birmingham Centre for Crime, Justice and Policing annual conference, Birmingham, UK. June 2019.

"Integration, Not Just an Afterthought: How Incorporating Victim Advocates on a Multidisciplinary Cold Case Task Force Has Affected Victim and Prosecutorial Outcomes" - Workshop presentation at International Conference on Sexual Assault, Intimate Partner Violence, and Increasing Access (End Violence Against Women Internation conference), San Diego, CA. April 2019.

"A Public Health Approach To Violence Prevention: The Cleveland Experience" - Featured speaker, plenary session, at Teaching Prevention, Cleveland, OH. April 2019.

"Law, Technology, and Protection from Violence Against Women: Can Innovation Flip the Script on this Dialogue?" - Panel presentation at CWRU School of Law - Cleveland, OH. February 2019.

"'What I Read can Never be Un-read': Secondary Trauma from Coding Unsubmitted Rape Kit Case Files."  - "Examining Differences in the Criminal Histories of Serial vs. Nonserial Sex Offenders Linked to Unsubmitted Sexual Assault Kits." - Annual Society of Criminology Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA. November 2018.

"Translating Research to Policy: Improving Justice for Women & Girls." - Division on Women & Crime of the American Society of Criminology Congressional Briefing, Capitol Hill. October 2018.

"When the Hand That Feeds You Becomes the Hand That Guides You: Governmental Funding of Local Rape Crisis Centers." XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology, Toronto, CA. July 2018.

"Dispelling Myths and Improving Practice: Examination of Untested Rape Kits in Cuyahoga County." Ending Violence Against Women International Conference, Chicago, IL. April 2018.


Bachelor of Arts
Baylor University
Master of Arts
Baylor University
The Ohio State University

Residencies, Internships and Fellowships

"Data in the Service of Community Engagement: Risk Terrain Modeling of Sexual Assault Kit Initiative Geospatial Data"
The Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship, Kelvin Smith Library, Case Western Reserve University
"Visualizing the Spatial and Temporal Dimensions of Cuyahoga County’s Sexual Assault Kit Backlog"
The Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship, Kelvin Smith Library, Case Western Reserve University

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