CATSJ to Host "Hearing the Silence" Art Installation on Sexual Harassment and Assault; April 2-8

Image of logo labeled with text Collective Action, in white, and text Toward Social Justice, in orange, against royal blue background
Image of poster labeled Hearing the Silence, in purple, then text an installation with clothing representing 24 sexual assault survivors that answered the question "what were you wearing?" April 2-8, with date in purple, all against white background, on left side, with yellow, red, blue and pink abstract art on right

Collective Action Towards Social Justice will be hosting this semester’s Arts in Action series, titled “Hearing the Silence“, that focuses on sexual harassment and assault next week, 4/2–4/8. The art installation presents clothing representations of 24 sexual assault survivors who answered the question “what were you wearing?” and excerpts of dialogues that surround these experiences. CATSJ has put together a variety of resources to support faculty, staff, and students including:

  • Lesson plan supplements and resources that you can include in your classes, should you want to connect the event to your classroom. All of the articles can be found in this google drive folder: ​Arts in Action – Lesson Plan Supplements | Hearing the Silence Resources
  • Title IX resources to know how to respond if someone discloses to you and campus resources available to faculty, staff, and students (e.g., confidential advocates and mandated reporter outlets) Title IX Resource Guide | Gender Violence Confidential Resources |  Walkin-hours,-Spring-2018
  • A self-care room will be set up for the week and weekend in Huddle Room 226 in the Mandel School stocked with self-care items from our faculty.
  • There will be two guided meditations: Tuesday, 4/3, from 1:00-1:30pm in Mandel School Rm. 238 (facilitated by Dr. Zoe Breen Wood) and 4/4, from 1:00-1:30pm in the Mandel Center, Rm. 114 (facilitated by Dr. Beth Anthony).
  • A Hearing the Silence Community Dialogue will be held on Thursday, 4/5, from 12:50 – 1:50pm in the Noble Commons (PD hours available).
  • Justice on the Mic will feature local community artists who will perform spoken word on Friday, 4/6, from 6pm – 8pm (food provided).
  • Dr. Rachel Lovell will present on her research “Do Serial Offenders Maintain a Consistent Modus Operandi” from the Sexual Assault Kit project no Thursday, 4/12, from 12:50 – 1:50pm (PD hours available).
  • There will be confidential advocates on site during the lunch hours on Tuesday and Thursday from the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center, and Friday during Justice on the Mic from the Women’s Center.

Please join us for any or all of these events as we embrace a very challenging and profound topic that touches all of our lives.

Finally, this work is a product of the “collective” that embodies our School. We would like to acknowledge all of those at the Mandel School who played a part in making this Arts in Action series possible:

Beth Anthony | Rachel Blake | Tracey Bradnan | Ina Brand | Christina Corrigan | Marji Edguer | Dawn Ellis | Adrianne Fletcher | Tom Franchina | Kathi Overmier Gant | Dean Gilmore | Megan Holmes | June Hund | Jennifer King | Kirsten Kirchgesler | Jessica Laguerre-Joseph | Rachel Lovell | Maggie McGuire | Heather Paramore | Andrea Porter | Dana Prince | Aaron Rentrope | LaShon Sawyer | Kristina Soja | Brad Tucker | Melissa Van | Laura Voith | Lauren R. Welch | Zoe Breen Wood