Application Deadline Extended – Mandel Council Elections

Join the Mandel Council

Why YOU (yes, you) should consider joining Mandel Council this year. Are you looking to…

  • Get more involved with the Mandel School?
  • Create change on and around campus?
  • Bring awareness to an issue of concern?
  • Connect with fellow classmates, colleagues, faculty and staff of the Mandel School?

Learn more about the role various Committees and Student Organizations play in the functioning of the Mandel School?
Let the Mandel School be your vehicle to achieve all of these things and more! Run for a position today! All submissions are due by Friday, November 25.

Please take the time to read through the duties of each office to determine the position you would be most interested in running for. You may only run for one position.

To run for a position, complete the form through this link and follow all instructions. Please be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • Why are you interested in this position?
  • How will you fulfill the duties of this position?
  • What prior experiences make you a good candidate for this position?

Additionally, please be prepared to attach a professional-looking headshot. The answers to these questions along with the photo you provide will be sent out to the student body for voting on November 21 – 25.

For more information, you can email to obtain a copy of the constitution.

Mandel Council Positions


The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the Mandel Council and has the following duties:

  • Establish administrative procedures not otherwise provided for by the Constitution or By-Laws of this chapter.
  • Act for and on behalf of the organization when it is not in session.
  • Attend all meetings of the Mandel Council and Executive Council.
  • Establish the agenda for each meeting of the Council
  • Be an ex-officio member of all committees.
  • Represent the Student Body in interactions with the Mandel School, Case Western Reserve University, and professionals in the Cleveland community.
  • Serve as the student representative on the Faculty Constituency Committee.
  • Offer to serve as the student representative on other committees that form as needed.
  • Enforce the Constitution, objectives, policies and procedures of the Mandel Council.

Vice President

The Vice President is second-in-command and has the following duties:

  • Act as President Pro-Tempore in the absence of the President. In a case where the President’s office becomes vacant, Vice President will become the President automatically and will assume all powers, duties and responsibilities associated with that position.
  • Serve as parliamentarian and maintain rules of order during meetings.
  • Assist the President.
  • Develop strategies, programs and initiatives to address issues of social justice relevance facing our communities.
  • Plan and coordinate social, academic, and professional development events sponsored by the Mandel Council.
  • Communicate with the Director of Finance to adhere to the budget.

Director of Communications

The Director of Communications acts as secretary and has the following duties:

  • Keep accurate minutes of all Mandel Council meetings.
  • Maintain the by-laws and internal functioning procedures of the Council.
  • Assure publicity and advertising for all upcoming events and meetings.
  • Maintain the membership list of the Council.
  • Assure local media publicity, including press releases in local and school newspapers.
  • Manage any office or clerical duties.
  • See to all correspondence of the Council as directed by the President.
  • Work with the Executive Aid to the Dean to maintain the Mandel School calendar, keep an accurate listserv of all students, and generate weekly event emails to the Mandel Council.
  • Develop and implement initiatives to recruit new members and build community support.

Director of Finance

The Director of Finance acts as the chief financial officer and has the following duties:

  • Organize and maintain accurate financial records, financial requests, and procedures for the Mandel Council and student organizations listed on the Student Organization Leadership Contact List.
  • Coordinate all financial activities of the Mandel Council.
  • Advise the President and the Executive Committee of the financial condition of the Mandel Council.
  • Chair all fundraising events, develop fundraising ideas, and solicit donations.
  • If deemed necessary by the Executive Council, the Director of Finance will file any reports for the Council as well as write checks and make deposits as directed by the Executive Council.
  • Communicate with the Assistant Director of Finance at the Mandel School.


Additionally, six Representative positions sit on the Mandel Council. These are listed below. Anyone interested in running to be a representative must be a part of the program for which they are running for office. Further duties are listed below. When filling out the form, please express which additional duties you may be interested in fulfilling in your role as a Representative.

  • 12-Month Advanced Standing Representative
  • 18-Month Advanced Standing Representative
  • MNO Representative
  • Online Program Representative
  • Intensive Weekend Representative
  • PhD Program Representative

Representatives have the following duties:

  • Advise the President and Executive Council regarding student concerns and needs particular to students in their respective programs and formats.
  • Engage with students in their respective programs and formats regularly to assess student needs and redress student concerns.
  • Work with the Executive Council to:
  • Develop and implement initiatives to recruit new members and community support.
  • Solicit the social and professional interests of their classmates and develop/implement social and professional events that are inclusive of students in each Representative’s program.
  • Attend all Mandel Council Executive Meetings in person or via technology.

Additionally, Representatives shall be allotted at the beginning of their terms responsibilities for the following duties based on interest and need:

  • Chair development committees, programs and events.
  • Chair social action and outreach committees, programs and events.
  • Represent the Mandel Council as a Graduate Student Council Representative (Representatives interested in serving as a GSC Rep must be available the following dates for General Assembly: February 1, March 1, April 5, and May 3, 2017)
  • Serve as liaison between CWRU organizations such as Diversity 360, the Social Justice Institute, Center for Civic Engagement & Learning, Flora Stone Mather Center, and other organizations as needed.