Begun Center Awarded New Funding for Work with Ohio Suicide Prevention Fund

The Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation recently announced that Jane Timmons-Mitchell, Ph.D, has been awarded a five-year grant to serve as Evaluator as part of a $3.68 million award of a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) Garrett Lee Smith State Suicide Prevention Grant. The Federal grant, titled Ohio’s Campaign for Hope: Collaboration for Advancing Strategies for Youth Suicide Prevention will serve over 30,000 people in Ohio over the next five years, targeting 10 to 24 year olds. The grant awarded is for $500,000 over 5 years.

“This is an exciting project that will build on our previous work and expand key partnerships,” says Jane. “The breadth of activity is amazing; it will be our job to report on all of the great work that is being done.”

Collaborating partners on the project include Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services, Northeast Ohio Medical College (NEOMED) , The Cleveland Clinic, the Ohio Department of Youth Services, the Ohio National Guard, along with schools, mental health and behavioral health agencies, medical schools throughout Ohio, Frontline Services and other hotlines, and survivors, families and youth.

Grant activities will provide training for educators in schools and on campuses to recognize warning signs of suicide. Additional training will be provided for medical students and physicians as well as for mental health and drug and alcohol counselors. Implementing the grant will be Yvette Jackson, Ph.D, Executive Director of the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation, and Cheryl Holton, Program Director with OSPF. A key feature of the grant will be the Randomized Clinical Trial for youth discharged from the Emergency Department or inpatient hospitalization. Working with Dr. Timmons-Mitchell and Tatiana Falcone, MD, an assistant professor of medicine and Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, at the Cleveland Clinic Epilepsy Center, youth will receive usual services, ongoing contact from hotline services, or Wraparound services. This process will provide new information about how best to prevent re-attempt and re-admission among high risk youth.