Begun Center Introduces PERI Initiative to Cleveland Area Social Service Leaders


A gathering of over two dozen area social service administrators and leaders convened at the Begun Center early in November for the introduction of the new Begun initiative, the Partnership for Evaluation, Research, and Implementation (PERI).

PERI Overview | Apply for PERI Services | Value of Evaluation

PERI was designed as a high-quality/low-cost program evaluation, research, and implementation resource center for non-profit organizations working with children and families. Contact us for additional PERI Information

PERI was developed to assist community-based behavioral health agencies, juvenile courts, and other non-profit organizations meet the challenges of demonstrating the effectiveness of their programs and services, especially as funding organizations increasingly stress the importance of outcomes in determining funding priorities. PERI was established to assist in meeting these needs, helping these crucial neighborhood resources measure the success of their work, and ultimately, increasing the likelihood of future program funding. Through financial support from local foundations, agencies can apply for PERI services and are responsible for only a portion of the total project cost.

The First Phase of PERI

While the November meeting introduced PERI to local non-profit agencies, a prior meeting announced the arrival of PERI to the local philanthropic and funding community. At each meeting, participants learned of PERI’s array of evaluation, implementation, and technical assistance services and the ways in which collaboration between local agencies and PERI can produce better-trained staff, high fidelity programming, meaningful treatment results for consumers, and the demonstrable outcomes and evaluation necessary in today’s challenging funding environment.