Bullying Prevention Report Receiving National Attention

Daniel J. Flannery, PhD, Begun Center Director and Professor co-authored the just released “Preventing Bullying through Science, Policy, and Practice,”. Dr. Flannery along with a committee of nationally-renowned, interdisciplinary researchers and scholars is receiving national media coverage with features on NBC News, CNN, ABC News, and Seattle Times.

The report, released by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, builds upon work that began from an initial workshop held in April 2014 and a committee session later that year.

The committee members represent expertise in various areas including criminology, education, mental health, pediatrics, public health and school administration.  The committee conducted an extensive review of the literature pertaining to peer victimization and bullying and, in some instances, drew upon the broader literature on aggression and violence. To supplement its review of the literature, the committee held two public information-gathering sessions and conducted a site visit to a northeastern city.

The committee makes seven recommendations of which the first three are directed to government and the private sector for improving surveillance and monitoring activities that will address the gaps in the prevalence of bullying behavior. They also address identifiers for children and youth at an increased risk for being bullied and information about the effectiveness of existing policies and programs.

The remaining four recommendations are directed in two areas: fostering the development, implementation, and evaluation of evidence-based preventive intervention programs and training; and working with social media companies and federal partners to adopt, implement, and evaluate policies and programs for preventing, identifying, and responding to bullying on their platforms.