Claudia Coulton, Data Guru

“Claudia is the model that we need: a translator who can bridge academics, practitioners and policymakers. She is a source of inspiration, grounded locally and globally influential.”

Dr. Claudia Coulton, Co-Director and founder of the Poverty Center, is featured as the “Data Guru” in the current edition of CWRU’s think magazine. From pioneering “Big Data” from before it was even a term to using interpreted block-by-block statistics to fight the foreclosure crisis, Coulton has lead the field to house and analyze data to better inform the policymakers when they enact change.

A few highlights of successes using data gathered by Dr. Coulton and her team include:

    Cleveland city officials arguing for federal funds to fight the foreclosure blight of vacant properties
    Adjusting mass transit routes in Cuyahoga County to better serve access to jobs
    Revealing effects of lead poisoning on school readiness.

“Data has changed the conversation,” explained Coulton.

To continue the cutting-edge Big Data research, Dr. Coulton and the Poverty Center rely on generous funding. If you’d like to give to the Center, please click here.

Read more about Claudia Coulton and Big Data in think magazine.

(The quote at the top is from Alaina Harkness, Brookings Institution fellow and former senior program officer at the MacArthur Foundation.)