Cleveland Effective Neighboring Project

The Cleveland Effective Neighboring Project aims to develop and test strategies to promote “effective neighboring” at the block level in Cleveland neighborhoods.

The project is led by the Mandel School’s National Initiative on Mixed Income Communities, in partnership with the following local organizations: Neighborhood Connections, Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, and the Center for Population Dynamics at Cleveland State University.

Associate Professor Mark Joseph, PhD (left), Founding Director of NIMC, and Assistant Professor Mark Chupp, PhD (right), Founding Director of the Community Innovation Network, are the lead researchers on the project. They define”effective neighboring” as the process through which neighbors from diverse social, economic and cultural backgrounds establish a level of familiarity and shared expectations that enable them to live comfortable together. Out of over fifty diverse blocks throughout Cleveland that were considered, three have been selected to participate as case studies. Deploying the principles of Participatory Action Research, the research team will work collaboratively with block residents to co-design, implement and assess an effective neighboring strategy in each selected block. Ultimately, this project hopes to refine a model for bridging among diverse neighbors and promoting social inclusion in Cleveland neighborhoods and beyond to other cities.

Learn more about the Cleveland Effective Neighboring Project in this research colloquium presented by the project team on March 24, 2017: