Daniel J. Flannery Presents at Pediatric Innovation Summit

Begun Center Director to speak as part of the Global Center for Health Innovationat the Cleveland Convention Center; also appointed to panel on bullying prevention for the Institute of Medicine at the National Academy of Sciences

Begun Center for Violence Prevention Research and Education director, Daniel J. Flannery, Ph.D, will be presenting in June as part of a panel for the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Pediatric Innovation Summit, an evidence-based review and update of topics in pediatric care recently impacted by new data, screening tools, and/or treatments.

Dr. Flannery has also been appointed to a panel on bullying prevention for the Institute of Medicine/National Academy of Sciences, an 18-month study that will see the publication of a final report.

THE SUMMIT, held on June 11-13, will focus on the most important clinical practice innovations in the past year with sessions focused on a review of the medical literature and an immunization update. Other related topics include clinical practice updates in diagnosis and management of neonatal conditions, puberty, common urologic problems, dermatology, ophthalmology, and care of the medically complex child. The Summit will also highlight, through the panel discussion, the future of pediatric health care

The summit is designed for health care providers looking for an in-depth analysis of the crucial data and clinical practice implications by the top experts in their fields. The summit is intended to educate physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, advanced practice nurses, physician assistants, and other allied health professionals in cardiology, pediatrics, family medicine, psychology, and psychiatry. Family members and patients living with autism and ADHD will also find the Saturday symposium to be informative and provide opportunities to clarify management and treatments regarding patient care.