Data Days Cleveland 2018 Celebrates Civic Technology, Data and Doers

Image of poster with text data days cle, surrounded by white dots and lines arranged in triangle shaped, and text april 5-6, 2018, midtown, all in white on green and blue background, with an image of the top half of terminal tower in the background

The Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development at the Mandel School is one of the driving forces behind Data Days Cleveland on Thursday, April 5th and Friday, April 6th, 2018 at Jumpstart, Inc.— Cleveland’s annual celebration of civic technology, data and the doers working to improve Northeast Ohio.

Data Days CLE is hands-on training with data and technology, sessions featuring local examples of the smart use of data and civic tech, and community conversations. Whether you’re a medical researcher looking at rates of lead exposure in children, a number cruncher who plays with Excel at a local non-profit, a journalist interested in using GIS or census data in their newsroom, or just a resident of who cares about Cleveland and wants to see open data and technology used for the public good, come join us.

This year,  Data Days will host its first civic tech pitch competition throughout the duration of the celebration. The idea is to show how you would use data to solve a civic problem, and the competition is open to anyone based in Northeast Ohio. Applications to present at Data Days Cleveland will be accepted until March 23, and between three to six applicants will be selected to pitch. The pitch competition is open to entrepreneurs and thinkers with innovative ideas for using data – preferably open data, and civic tech –  to solve community problems. Competition organizers also encourage applicants with ideas for networking and hardware solutions that complement applications Contestants will be notified on or before March 30. The grand prize is $5,000.

Selected applicants will take part in a live pitch before a panel of investment judges on April 6.

Other sponsors of this event include: The Cleveland Foundation, Info group, digital c, Microsoft, Skoda Minotti, The Center for Community Solutions, Cleveland Health Tech Corridor, and MidTown.

Follow the event on Twitter @CLECivicTech or use the hashtag #DataDaysCLE2018.