European Union Changes Allow Mandel School Faculty Exchange with Romanian University

The Mandel School and its partner university in Romania will benefit from a change in European Union (EU) funding that now allows European universities to create faculty and student exchange programs with universities in the United States.

West University of Timisoara in Romania secured funding from the EU’s Erasmus+ Program that allows the university to send two faculty members a year to Case Western Reserve’s social work school and, in turn, two Case Western Reserve faculty to Romania.

Oana-Roxana Ivan, PhD, from the Department of International Relations at West University of Timisoara, secured the grant this month and shared the news with the Mandel School.

“This exchange will enhance and build on the international social work programs at the Mandel School,” said Victor K. Groza, PhD, the Grace F. Brody Professor of Parent-Child Studies, who has been working closely with West University to help create a doctoral social work program that focuses on child welfare research.

Two Mandel School faculty members will have the opportunities to work with the Timisoara faculty, and two Timisoara faculty members will visit the Mandel School. Exchanges will last from one to six weeks.

Although the two university systems are on different academic schedules, he said the exchange is arranged to benefit both universities. After the Case Western Reserve academic year ends in May, faculty members will be available to complete the six weeks in Romania without interruption to their teaching schedules. Likewise, those at Timisoara, whose academic year runs from September to June, will have the opportunity to come to the United States during the Mandel School’s summer session.