Ghana as a Beacon in Turbulent Times: Strategies for Effective Inter-Religious Peacebuilding

Abdulsalam Mohammed, Community Solutions Program

Prof. Mark Joseph, Respondent

Monday, November 28, 2016
Mandel Community Studies Building, Room 105
11235 Bellflower Rd.
Case Western Reserve University

1 PD Hour

Ghana is seen as a beacon of peace globally because of its long-standing history of inter-religious peace and harmony; however, the country has seen its fair share of conflict and tension in the past and there are still flash points within various religious groups.  Abdulsalam Mohammed is a senior nursing officer, a researcher and a peace ambassador working to bridge the gap among Muslim sects in Ghana. He works towards tolerance and peace promotion through research, national dialogue, advocacy and consultation. This presentation will highlight six key strategies and factors that are effective in peace building and conflict resolution with special references to Muslim communities in Ghana.

Dr. Mark Joseph, Mandel School professor of community practice, has lived in or visited ten different African countries with varying levels of religious diversity and spent seven months living in Ghana with his family in 2014. He will be leading a Case Western Reserve travel study course to Ghana in May 2017 which is open to all graduate and undergraduate students.