It's Time to Do Something: Daniel J. Flannery Interviewed by News 5 Cleveland On Gun Violence in Schools

Image of Dr. Daniel J. Flannery being interviewed by News 5 Cleveland, sitting in chair in his office on left of image, with reporter and cameraman on right

“Violence from guns affects all of us, and it’s time to do something about it.”

Dr. Daniel J. Flannery had much to say on the topic of gun violence to Mike Brookbank of News Channel 5 WEWS in March. Thousands of national organizations and individuals have signed on to the “Call for Action to Prevent Gun Violence in the United States of America,” co-authored by Flannery and over a dozen national experts following the February 14 shooting in Parkland, Florida. The action plan has eight primary recommendations to prevent such shootings from occurring again, including universal background checks and increased mental health services in schools. Members of Congress have been briefed on these strategies.

“This should be a priority in terms of state and federal law, in terms of how we are allocating our resources,” Flannery urged. “We need to know what works, and we need to invest in the programs that work.”

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