Joseph Awarded Best Book in Urban Affairs Honorable Mention

Mark Joseph, PhD, Associate Professor and founding director of the National Initiative on Mixed Income Communities, is the 2017 recipient of the Best Book in Urban Affairs Honorable Mention Award presented by the Urban Affairs Association (UAA) for Integrating the Inner City: The Promise and Perils of Mixed-Income Public Housing Transformation, which he co-authored with Robert Chaskin, PhD from the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration.

“The book clearly lays out the theories motivating mixed-income housing developments, such as the growth of social capital for relocated public housing residents. Years of in-depth empirical evidence, however, show the limited evidence of such theories,” assessed the UAA Awards Committee. “Joseph and Chaskin reveal crucial blind spots in these theories, namely the day-to- day interactions between the different income groups shape the success of mixed income housing. Tensions between residents’ expectations of appropriate public and private behavior undermine the very goals of the developments, as the different income groups avoid each other to minimize uncomfortable interactions. This finding has both scholarly and policy implications for the future viability of such projects. The easily accessible writing style will make Chaskin and Joseph’s work available to a wide range of audiences.”

The award was presented at the UAA’s 47th Annual Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on April 19-22, 2017. UAA is the international professional association for urban scholars, researchers and public service professionals.