Kretschmar Named Managing Director of the Begun Center

As of October 1, 2016, Dr. Jeff Kretschmar began serving as the Managing Director of the Begun Center. He is currently a Research Assistant Professor and Senior Research Associate. He first joined ISPV at Kent State as a post-doctoral fellow in 2004 and has been the long-time project director/PI of the Behavioral Health/Juvenile Justice Initiative. He was also involved for several years with the Fugitive Safe Surrender program. More recently Kretschmar worked on the Defending Childhood Initiative, PERI initiative and the Domestic Violence Homicide Reduction project, among others. This promotion reflects his significant and ongoing leadership as he develops new initiatives, and his significant contributions to the research, training, and professional development missions of the center.

“I am personally grateful that he is willing to take on this challenge” adds Dr. Flannery, Center Director.  “I will be depending on his experience and guidance as we seek to maintain our high quality work while managing the challenges we face as we grow and expand our research and training portfolios.”

As Managing Director for the Center, Kretschmar will begin attending all Core Management Team meetings and will be tasked with supporting the daily management and operational administrative activities of the center. He will continue his project based work and research, but will also spend approximately 20% of his time in his new role. Kretschmar will report directly to the Center Director and be responsible for issues related to IRB and data security, supporting the publication/dissemination efforts of the research staff, overseeing website/social media development for the center, assisting with communications with our National Advisory Board members, and supporting the professional development of all staff especially as it relates to the culture, climate and morale of our team. He is well deserving of this promotion at a crucial time in the center’s growth and development.

In addition to Kretschmar’s promotion, the Begun Center also recently promoted Leon Harris from a Research Assistant 3 to a Research Associate. Harris started out as a summer part-time research assistant at ISPV in 2008. He has been a full-time Research Assistant since 2009, part-time student in the MSASS doctoral program since 2012 and is currently ABD. His promotion reflects his years of experience and the increased responsibility he has taken on with respect to project management. He currently supports the MyCom youth development initiative, the Police Assisted Referral Program, and the Family and Children First Council evaluation initiative.

Congrats to both Mr. Leon Harris and Dr. Jeff Kretschmar!