Make a Gift, Make History: Centennial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Make a gift: Announcing the Centennial Endowed Scholarship Fund, a Centennial fundraising initiative to raise $100,000 for student scholarships to commemorate our 100th anniversary.

Make history: This is a once-a-century opportunity for MSSA, MNO, CNM and PhD alumni to give to honor a fellow alum, faculty member or nonprofit organization; in memory of a dear friend or colleague; to ensure future scholarship support; or to celebrate 100 years of MSASS excellence. And if you donate to the Centennial Endowed Scholarship Fund by May 21, 2017 — the 100th and final week of our Centennial celebration — we’ll preserve your place in history by including your name in the Centennial time capsule as a fund donor.

Make a lasting impact: The Centennial Endowed Scholarship Fund is a permanently endowed fund for student scholarships in perpetuity, so your gift will keep on giving through the years.

Now more than ever: We must advance leadership in social work and nonprofit management, to encourage people who will carry on the work of building a more civil and just world — and to ensure that the next 100 years will be as impactful as the past 100 years.

Ways to give:

  • Give online
  • Give by phone or for assistance with your gift, please contact Associate Dean of Institutional Advancement Nora Hennessy, MNO, at 216.368.2311.

Thank you: Your gift will instill a sense of social justice, equality and leadership in the next generation. It will truly inspire hope and shape the future!