Mandel Council Spotlight: Jarvis Graham

Name: Jarvis Graham

Position: Online Program Representative

Program: MSSA, 1st year Online Program, Direct Practice CYF

Hometown: Henderson, Nevada

Why social work? Social Work is the one field that feels right. I wake up everyday knowing that I am making a change in the lives of others. While it is as times thankless, taxing and exhausting; I still love it.

Favorite thing about Cleveland? I have only been to Cleveland once, so I don’t have a lot to go on. Although I would say my favorite thing is The Mandel School. The Mandel School has allowed me to fulfill my dream of attending Graduate School while being able to continue to work full-time.

Fun Fact: I lived on the beach in Hawaii for 3 years after graduating from undergrad. I then traded in my sandals for snow boots when I moved to Cincinnati.