Mandel School Announces 100 Centennial Alumni Award Winners

The Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve University is recognizing 100 outstanding alumni as part of its Centennial celebration commemorating 100 years since its founding in 1915-1916 as America’s first university-affiliated professional school of social work.

The 100 Centennial Alumni Award winners are recognized for professional success, achievement and leadership in social work and nonprofit management throughout the Mandel School’s history. They will also be inducted into the newly-established Mandel School Hall of Achievement, in recognition of their impact and importance in their respective fields and to the school, joining such luminaries as civil rights visionary Congressman Louis Stokes and social work pioneer Grace Longwell Coyle.

The 100 Centennial Alumni Award winners were selected from hundreds of nominations received and reviewed by the awards committees of the Mandel School Alumni Association and the Centennial Planning Committee. They will be celebrated at two Mandel School events during 2016 Homecoming+Reunion on October 15 — a Celebration Luncheon at noon at the Tudor Arms Hotel and a 100th Birthday Block Party for the community at 3:00 p.m.

The 100 Centennial Alumni Award winners are (asterisks denote deceased):

Distinguished Alumni Award:

Recipients demonstrate extraordinary professional success and achievement over the span of their entire careers (usually 25 or more years). This award is the highest honor bestowed by the Mandel School Alumni Association.

Georgia Anetzberger, MSSA 1980, PhD 1986

Lowell Arye, MSSA 1982

Paula Atwood, MSSA 1973

Hoda Badran, DSW 1967

Myrna Balk, MSSA 1963

James Billups, MSSA 1954*

Margaret Brodkin, MSSA 1967

Dorothy Burnside, MSSA 1947*

Allen Cohen, MSSA 1959

Susan Cole, PhD 2001

Anita Curry-Jackson, MSSA 1970

Hope Curfman, MSSA 1942*

Maureen Dee, MSSA 1978

Charles Emlet, PhD 1998

Dorothy Faller, MSSA 1975

Gerald Futty, MSSA 1958*

Denise Gibson, MSSA 1978

Stuart Gitlin, MSSA 1973

Jean Greenhaigh, MSSA 1946*

Eliezer Jaffe, MSSA 1957, DSW 1960

Robert Keefe, MSSA 1985

Jean Lawrence, MSSA 1984

Art Lifson, MSSA 1969*

Wayne Lindstrom, PhD 1986

Soad Mansour, MSSA 1972

Lillian Milanof, MSSA 1949*

Patricia “Pat” Nobili, MSSA 1983

Lisa Pape, MSSA 1990

David Pedlar, PhD 1997

Ted Rubin, MSSA 1950

Nancy Schiffer, MSSA 1971

Harvey Shankman, MSSA 1974

Seymour Slavin, MSSA 1958

Norman Sohn, MSSA 1968

Melody Stewart, PhD 2008

Ella Thomas, MSSA 1971

Eleanor Weisberger Weintraub, MSSA 1943*

Margaret “Margie” Wheeler, MSSA 1970

Gautam Yadama, MSSA 1985, PhD 1990

Professional Achievement Award:

Recipients demonstrate professional mid-to-late career success and achievement.

Yolanda Armstrong, MSSA 1994

Rene Barrat-Gordon, MSSA 1979

Eva Beard, MSSA 1967

Ralph Belk, MSSA 1996

Patrick Boyle, MSSA 1989, PhD 2016

Phyllis Brody, MSSA 1958

Mark Chapin, PhD 1995

Dabney Conwell, MSSA 2007

Amy S. D’Aprix, PhD 2005

Florence Drage, MSSA 1979*

Cynthia Dunn, MSSA 1982

Rachel Foster, MSSA 1997

Joel Fox, MSSA 1980

Michael Freas, MSSA 1975

Darlene Grant, MSSA 1984

Lynn Heemstra, MSSA 1982

Laura Hokenstad, MSSA 1996

Ronald Hughes, MSSA 1975

Vivian Jackson, PhD 2008

Charles “Chip” Joseph, MSSA 1987

Mary Jane Karger, MSSA 1969

Ferne Katleman, MSSA 1957

Shirley Keller, MSSA 1981, PhD 1999

John Lisy, MSSA 1977

Nancy Lowrie, MSSA 1995

Victoria Marion, MSSA 2003

Toby Martin, MSSA 1998, PhD 2007

Karen McHenry, MSSA 1994

Barbara Obiaya, MSSA 1976

Judith Phoenix, MSSA 1968

Jerome “Jerry” Rauckhorst, MSSA 1976

Candace Risen, MSSA 1971

Jane Robertson, MSSA 1995

Philip Starr, MSSA 1959

Kathleen Stoll, MSSA 1960

Alida Struze, MSSA 1959

An-Pyng Sun, PhD 1987

Nonprofit Leadership Award:

Recipients have been working as leaders over a span of 15 or more years in the nonprofit profession and must have earned a Master of Nonprofit Organizations (MNO) degree or a Certificate in Nonprofit Management (CNM) from the Mandel School.

Sheryl Aikman, MNO 1995

April Alvis, MNO 1999

Marcella Brown, MNO 2007

Mary Anne Crampton, CNM 2007

Eric Dicken, MNO 2009

Phyllis “Seven” Harris, MNO 2005

Timothy Logan, MNO 1994

Ann Lucas, MNO 2000

Marsha Mockabee, CNM 1994

Megan O’Bryan, MNO 1995

Darlene Rebello-Rao, MNO 1998

Scott Simon, MNO 1998

JoAnn White, MNO 1999

Early Career Success:

Recipients demonstrate early career success and achievement.

Miriam Ampeire, MSSA 2009

Matthew Butler, MSSA 2010

Devon Fegen-Herdman, MSSA 2005

Annette Iwamoto, MSSA 2012

Ijeoma Mba, MSSA 2013

Mary McNamara, MSSA 2003

Thomas Mulloy, MSSA 2006

Catherine Rotolo, MSSA 2007

Nathan Schaefer, MSSA 2005

Christa Sharpe, MSSA 2005

Louis Stokes Community Service Leadership Award: Recipients embody the socially-minded characteristics of the late beloved and honorable Congressman Louis Stokes, including community service, leadership, social justice advocacy, and Mandel School volunteerism and community-related projects support.

Magda Gomez, MSSA 2004

About the Mandel School:

In 1915, the School of Applied Social Sciences was founded as America’s first university-affiliated professional graduate school of social work. In 1916, 35 students were admitted into the inaugural class and the school’s social work library – now the nation’s oldest – was established.

Today the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve University is a world-renowned leader in social work education, ranked #9 in the United States and #1 in Ohio by U.S. News and World Report. A doctoral program was founded in 1952 (one the nation’s first in social welfare) and a master’s program in nonprofit management began in 1984 (the second program in the nation). The Mandel School boasts more than 7,900 alumni in 41 countries; three interdisciplinary research centers; $9.4 million in research funding last year; and partnerships with more than 350 community agencies and field sites in Cleveland and around the United States where students provide more than 200,000 hours of service each year in their field placements.

For 100 years, the Mandel School has been committed to advancing social work and nonprofit management education, promoting social justice and community empowerment, shaping public policy and standards of practice, and preparing leaders who change the world.