Mandel School in the Media: October 2018

Image of outside photo of Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences with trees and front plaza with steps

Faculty and researchers at the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School make headlines every day for work that advances social justice and creates a more just world.

Check out some of this month’s top stories.

Oct. 1

Untraceable: What You Need to Know About Ohio's DNA Collection Law
Marion Star (republished in nine additional outlets)
In July 2011, a law went into effect requiring the DNA collection of all adult felony arrestees in the state. The goal was to broaden the DNA databank to potentially identify prime suspects in unsolved crimes. Rachel Lovell, a senior research associate with the Mandel School's Begun Center, said Ohio’s law does create a more robust databank, but it comes with challenges.

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Oct. 8

TEDxCWRU: Stories Untold
The Daily (CWRU)
Stories Untold, TEDxCWRU’s third event, will take place Saturday, Nov. 10, from noon to 3 p.m. in Case Western Reserve University’s Thwing Center ballroom. Among the presenters will be Aviva Vincent, a Mandel School doctoral candidate, who will share how horseback riding saved her life, while highlighting the importance that animal therapy can have on well being.

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Oct. 11

Cleveland Ranked Dead Last of Larger Cities in Fight Against Child Poverty
ABC News 5 Cleveland
Robert Fischer, a Mandel School associate professor and co-director of the Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development, explained why the U.S. Census ranked Cleveland last of the major cities in managing child poverty.

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Oct. 12

CWRU's Mandel School Receives Renowned Artist's Sculpture to Raise Homelessness Awareness
Cleveland Scene
The Mandel School installs a George Segal sculpture on its front steps. “From today forward, when students, staff, faculty, alumni and community members enter the Mandel School, they will be greeted with an unmistakable reminder of the school’s commitment to social justice,” said Mandel School Dean Grover Gilmore.

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Rachel Lovell — Sexual Assault Kit Backlog
Testimony before Congress along with the ASC Division on Women and Crime
Translating Research to Policy: Improving Justice for Women & Girls

Rachel Lovell, senior research associate at the Mandel School’s Begun Center, delivers testimony before Congress to highlight key findings from her research on Cuyahoga County’s backlog of untested sexual assault kits.

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Oct. 15

Why Black and Hispanic Kids Are More Likely to Die of Some Cancers
U.S. News & World Report
Associate Professor David Miller discusses how living in poverty or in a distressed neighborhood can make it difficult for parents to follow through on a child's treatment: “If the parent doesn't have a car, is there public transportation to take the child to medical appointments? Can the parent take time off from a minimum wage [or slightly higher-paying] job? How will the family pay for prescription drugs? Will paying for that medication mean other household expenses go by the wayside?”

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Oct. 21

Outside Cleveland, Ohio Rape Kit Prosecutions in Older Cases Still Rare, Plain Dealer Survey Reveals (republished in seven additional outlets)

Rachel Lovell, senior research associate at the Mandel School’s Begun Center, discusses her research, which shows rapists are far more likely than previously believed to “cross over” and target both people they know and strangers.

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Oct. 24

Artist Plans 456 Portraits to Explore Environmental Risk of Sexual Violence in Cleveland

Artist Angelica Dass is working with researchers at the Mandel School’s Begun Center to understand the data behind sexual assaults reported in Cleveland and how the environment plays into the vulnerabilities people, especially women, face as they move around the city. To highlight the issue, Dass will take 456 portraits of people: The projected number of rapes that would be reported in Cleveland this year.

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Oct. 25

Rape Kit Follow-Up Investigations Vary Statewide
WVIZ ideastream, Sound of Ideas
Rachel Lovell, senior research associate at the Begun Center, spoke on WVIZ’s Sound of Ideas about the backlog of untested rape kits the state of Ohio had in 2013.

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Oct. 29

‘Yes  Means Yes’: How Ohio Universities Teach Students About Consent

Begun Center Senior Research Associate Misty Luminais, comments on the transformation of affirmative consent as the standard in sexual education.

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"The Homeless" Sculpture Unveiled at Case Western Reserve University’s Mandel School
WVIZ ideastream, ideas

Dean Grover C. Gilmore, faculty member Claudia Coulton and student Katharine Bussert talk about the meaning behind the recent installation of George Segal sculpture "The Homeless" on the steps of the Mandel School. 

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Oct. 31

Synagogue Shooting Shows US Political Divide
China Daily
Daniel J. Flannery, director of the Mandel School's Begun Center for Violence Prevention Research and Education, comments the prohibition on federal funding for research on firearm violence.

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