Mix and Mingle with the Mandel School Student-Alumni Network

This fall we’re happy to introduce you to a new student-led organization called The Mandel School Student-Alumni Network. The purpose and mission of this network is to facilitate active relationships between students and alumni through professional development and networking opportunities.

The Mandel School Student-Alumni Network was created to increase school pride and give the Mandel School Alumni Board a more visible presence on campus through social events and peer-mentorship, providing students with additional institutional guidance throughout graduate school and after graduation.

This organization is a casual and fun way for current students to connect with alumni and prepare them to become involved alums themselves!

The Mandel School Student-Alumni Network will host three events in the Noble Commons at the Mandel School throughout the Fall semester. Each event will offer 1 PD hour.

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Contact Jessica Switzer (jcs207@case.edu) or Leah Adams (laa63@case.edu) if you have any additional questions.

We look forward to building a community as students within the Mandel School and creating impactful connections with our wonderful students and alumni! See you there!